IFS, A Comprehensive Solution For Colossal Enterprises

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Large enterprises depend on integrity, coordination, and efficient resource planning to ensure productivity and prosperity. To achieve this, they employ Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, one of which is IFS. Dana Energy started implementing this solution through a steady and carefully crafted program ever since the year 2009. We’ll discuss this further here.

Named as a leader, and positioned as highest in ability to execute by Gartner in Magic Quadrant, IFS is a comprehensive software solution that provides a universal platform for all the different functions of the enterprise.

IFS provides a universal platform for all the different sections of an enterprise. By creating an integrated information system for every department and business in the enterprise, all data are stored in a single source and by employing the same infrastructure technology, e.g., databases and software. This simplifies the data transfer process, making data sharing easier, faster, and needless of any direct and physical interaction. Reports can be generated instantly through the dashboard, with no contradictions and no time spent on data requests from other departments. This also enhances collaboration and mobility, which is of great importance to enterprises like Dana Energy. Contrary to the traditional method, in which different sections had different systems with different standards, through IFS, all business sectors share the same system, and hence the same standard, resulting in better standardization overall. IFS also helps to streamline processes, since every step is defined, and so every step is clear.

But like any other ERP system, implementing IFS is a challenging process. Though it’s economically efficient in the long term, implementation costs in the short term can be very high.  Staff members need to learn the necessary skills, but before that, they need to learn the necessity and benefits of working with total solution systems. This means implementing IFS is not just about changing software and technology; it’s about transforming corporate culture.

IFS is a suit, an integrated solution, and a collection of applications providing every functionality required for every step of the business process, from marketing and sales to customer support. Overall implementing IFS saves considerable amounts of time and money in enterprises. IFS has not been just an investment in IT systems and business processes, rather it has been about transforming corporate culture from a traditional way of thinking to a more systematic and process-driven one.

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