Standing With The People Of Vahdatiyeh Through Natural Disasters

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Dana Energy’s teams in the Nargesi project step up to help the flood-stricken residents of Vahdatieh

Heavy rainfalls in late November and early December of 2020 caused devastating floods in the southern provinces of Iran. Waters took the streets and entered the homes in many cities throughout this region. The vastness of this phenomenon, combined with complexities caused by the coronavirus outbreak, leading to shortages in the machinery, equipment, and workforce needed to help with the situation.

Vahdatiyeh was among the many cities affected and was the one closest to our Nargesi project site. As floodwater was rising through the city, leaving mud, destruction, and fear in its path, our colleagues decided to act. Cooperating with Vahdatiyeh’s crisis management headquarters, graders and loaders in the Nargesi project site headed out through the harsh weather to help clean the mud and clear roads and passages.

Taking such measures to help in times of crisis roots in our corporate beliefs. This is not just a CSR strategy. We believe that our projects should help people, especially the local residents, in any way possible. With every project, we try to improve local infrastructure and create jobs for local residents. And since studies show a direct relationship between the increase in frequency and intensity of such disasters and global warming, we have made significant investments in sustainable energies.

We thank our colleagues at the Nargesi project for their endeavor and their fast response, and we hope that by standing together for a bright and green future, we may witness less of such natural disasters.

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