Aban West Paydar Drilling Project

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The Aban West Paydar Drilling Project (WP3) aims to revive non-operational wells in Iran’s West Paydar field, facing challenges like drilling in the Asmari formation and coordinating three rigs from different companies. As the first international Improved Petroleum Recovery (IPC) project, WP3 sets a precedent in waste management and aims to produce 21,000 barrels per day by March 2024, emphasizing transparency and data-driven success.

  • Location Dehloran, Ilam
  • Start Date March 2022
  • End Date March 2024

Workover projects are widely recognized as unpredictable, challenging, and enigmatic operations in the drilling industry worldwide. The complexity of these operations intensifies when undertaken in one of Iran’s most intricate fields.

Within this context WP3 project emerges, which encapsulates a myriad of remarkable challenges. Our objective is to rejuvenate dead wells, increase their depth, and transform them into thriving sources of production.

WP3 is an ongoing drilling and workover project situated on the western border of Iran, specifically in the northwestern region of Khuzestan province within the West Paydar brown oilfield. This venture is focused on revitalizing 7 non-operational wells, effectively consolidating them into a single productive entity. In WP3, our commitment entails repairing 7 rig locations, constructing an efficient waste management system, conducting workover operations on the identified wells, sidetracking the wells through 9 5/8″ casing, and drilling new production holes in the Asmari reservoir formations.

WP3 was initiated on March 14th, 2022, and by June of 2023, we have achieved approximately 40% progress with a Schedule Performance Index (SPI) of 49%. The first barrel of oil will be delivered to the production lines in July 2023, marking the commencement of practical project objectives and unveiling their outcomes.

When introducing WP3, we would like to highlight its top five challenges:

  • Implementation of waste management system: WP3 pioneers the introduction of a waste management system in this area, setting a precedent for proper waste handling and disposal.
  • Drilling a horizontal 5 7/8″ hole section in the Asmari formation: WP3 undertakes the groundbreaking task of drilling a horizontal section in the Asmari formation, a first in the field.
  • Collaboration of 3 rigs from different companies: WP3 brings together 3 rigs from three different companies simultaneously, creating a unique scenario of coordinated operations.
  • The first international IPC project: WP3 stands as the first international Improved Petroleum Recovery (IPC) project, showcasing the global significance and impact of this endeavor.
  • Unpredictable and complex geological structure in the West Paydar field: WP3 confronts the challenges posed by the intricate and unpredictable geological structure present in the West Paydar field.

Transparency and honesty serve as the guiding principles behind WP3, driving the project’s success. The project’s clean data will ultimately showcase its performance and outcomes.

Omid Ameri, Project Manager

WP3 is scheduled for completion in March 2024, at which point all 7 sidetracked wells are expected to collectively produce a total of 21,000 barrels per day, a significant achievement considering their previous state of complete inactivity.

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