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Dana Energy’s Cementing and Stimulation Services has become a leading provider of high-quality cementing services in both offshore and onshore operations in Iran. With advanced facilities, extensive equipment, and experienced professionals, they have successfully delivered services in major projects such as the South Pars fields and Persian Gulf oil well cementing. Their reliable support bases and continuous focus on training and development have gained the trust of employers, solidifying their position in the market.

Upon its establishment in June 2007, our Cementing Services embarked on its first offshore cementing project in phases 9 and 10 of South Pars. As the South Pars fields continued to develop, we achieved significant success in delivering high-quality services aligned with the latest technology available in the Middle East market to NIOC subsidiaries and other clients involved in gas well drilling within the South Pars fields.

The range of cementing services of this business started with phases 9 and 10 and continued to be developed and continued by providing cementing services in phases 15, 16, 17A, 18A, 18B and phases 14A, B, C. Currently, we are providing services in phase 11B and 12C of South Pars.

We are proud to be the trusted contractor for the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC). Since 2009, we have been providing cementing services for oil well cementing projects in Persian Gulf, spanning from the Strait of Hormuz oilfield to the Khark, Handijan, and Bahregansar oil and gas fields. Apart from these projects, we are also actively involved in the ongoing cementing services for the Forouzan common oilfield with the support of our Bushehr Base.

Building upon our valuable experiences and operational capabilities in offshore fields, we have successfully diversified our services to encompass onshore operations since 2021. In less than a year, we have successfully established and launched comprehensive onshore cementing services. Currently, we operate with 17 owned portable cement bulk silos and have an additional 10 rental cement bulk silos in different well sites. This allows us to provide round-the-clock services to five onshore drilling rigs simultaneously.

It is worth emphasizing that our laboratory in Kish Island stands out as one of the most advanced cement and acid testing facilities, equipped with the latest technologies that are available in the world class. Our facility operates 24/7, delivering top-notch engineering and design services for cement slurry design and optimization in accordance to well drilling operation challenges and client’s requirements. These specialized services are conducted by our highly skilled and experienced engineering team. Furthermore, we are currently in the final stages of establishing a second laboratory at our Ahvaz base. This upcoming facility will also feature cutting-edge equipment and will be fully operational in the near future.

In addition to providing cementing services, we provide our high-quality services of various sizes of Downhole Packers, Permanent and Temporary Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers by equipping our downhole tool department in Kish and Ahvaz bases with the use of round-the-clock technical support of our foreign and domestic partners. These qualifications enable us to operate in both offshore and onshore fields across Iran.

Since the beginning of our presence in the market, one of our key strengths has been our ability to provide round-the-clock and prompt support to onshore and offshore clients.  This is achieved through our 3 support bases located in Kish island, Ahvaz and Bushehr. These bases have a combined capacity to supply and support over 800 tons of bulk and dry blend cement per day. Furthermore, we utilize 3 cement bunkers for bulk cement delivery to our clients in Kish and Bushehr ports and onshore well sites.

Presently, we possess 7 cementing pump units and 2 cement batch mixers, all owned by our company. In addition, we have 4 cement pumps that are provided by our reliable subcontractors. These assets enable us to efficiently serve both our onshore and offshore customers simultaneously.

Dana Energy’s Cementing and Stimulation Services has consistently demonstrated high-quality operational and engineering capacity. It benefits from the expertise of professional, experienced, and well-known employees in the field of cementing. Additionally, the company has successfully attracted young and intelligent professionals, ensuring a continuous focus on their training and development. As a result, the business has emerged as one of the leading players in the market and gained the trust of employers as the go-to executive arm for sea and land cementing services.

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