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Cementing and Stimulation

Our acidizing and well stimulation services have been successfully providing comprehensive solutions for drilling platforms and oil wells in the Persian Gulf since 2012. With a state-of-the-art acid treatment vessel and advanced techniques, we offer acid pumping, solvent injection, nitrogen injection, and well clean-up operations. Our expertise extends to gas well acid treatment, laboratory analysis, and expansion into the onshore market, making us a reliable partner for well stimulation and production enhancement.

Our acidizing and well stimulation services started in 2012, subsequent to signing a contract with the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC). Initially, our services were concentrated on providing on-platform services for offshore drilling and production platforms in the Persian Gulf region.

In 2014, we were successfully equipped with a unique owned well stimulation vessel into our marine fleet. With the addition of this modern vessel, we expanded our range of services to include well stimulation in numerous oil and gas wells located in the Persian Gulf. Our comprehensive services involve near wellbore, matrix and fracturing acidizing services, solvent injection, nitrogen lifting, and well clean-up operation through onboard 60Ft Burner Boom system. We have successfully provided these services in offshore fields from the Strait of Hormuz to Khark, Bahregansar, and Forouzan.

Our well stimulation services include the design and engineering of acid working operations, Nitrogen lifting, solvent pumping and well clean-up services through Rig and Rig-less operation.

Furthermore, due to the development of South Pars gas fields, we entered the gas well stimulation market with phases 15, 16, 14, 18B, and we have provided high quality matrix stimulation services using polymer-based and surfactant-based divertor fluids.

One of our most important achievements has been the successful and high-quality execution of acidizing services in the phase 18B, where 11 wells were acidized within 35 days.

In 2018, we succeeded in signing another contract for the semi integrated stimulation services of phases 2 to 5 of South Pars with Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC).

One of our most significant success factors has been our possession of HCl acid storage base with the capacity to supply 100,000 gallons per day to charge the vessel acid tanks. This capability allows us to ensure a steady and reliable support for our multiple and simultaneous operations.

Additionally, our well-equipped laboratory in Kish Island provides 24/7 support by designing stimulation fluids, such as the polymer or surfactant divertor system, Emulsified acid and solvent optimization. Our laboratory also conducts thorough quality control assessments of stimulation additives to ensure top-notch performance and reliability.

We have been consistently advancing our high-quality acidizing and well stimulation services by expanding our presence in the onshore market. We provide engineering services, high quality acidizing additives with solvents package, and high-pressure pumping equipment for acidizing and stimulation in onshore oil and gas wells. Through these offerings, we have earned the trust of customers and established ourselves as a reliable contractor in the market.

With regards to IOR and EOR services, by signing MOU with knowledge-based companies and high rank, prestigious universities in Iran, we have entered into the provision of increased harvesting services for low efficiency wells.

Our Well Stimulation has become a reliable and trusted executive partner for the NIOC subsidiaries’ clients for well stimulation and production enhancement services. This is achieved through the utilization of an experienced and smart engineering and operation team, unique equipment capabilities, and the incorporation of high-quality additives. These factors have contributed to significant improvements in well performance and increased productivity, solidifying our reputation in the market.

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Cementing and Stimulation