Governance Lead


  • Lead the development, implementation, and maintenance of governance frameworks and processes within the Business Excellence department of the oil and gas company.
  • Design and manage governance structures that ensure alignment with corporate strategies, policies, and regulations.
  • Develop and maintain policies, procedures, and guidelines related to business processes, compliance, and risk management.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure and monitor the effectiveness of governance initiatives.
  • Coordinate with cross-functional teams to ensure consistent application of governance principles across the organization.
  • Identify areas for process improvement and drive initiatives to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Monitor regulatory changes and industry best practices to ensure compliance with relevant laws and standards.
  • Conduct regular audits and assessments to evaluate compliance with governance policies and identify areas for improvement.
  • Provide training and awareness programs to employees on governance policies, procedures, and best practices.
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to communicate governance initiatives and achievements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business, management, or a related field. Master’s degree or relevant certifications are preferred.
  • Minimum of 7 years of experience in governance, risk management, or business process improvement.
  • Strong understanding of governance principles, regulatory requirements, and industry standards.
  • Experience in designing and implementing governance frameworks, policies, and procedures.
  • Proficiency in project management, process mapping, and continuous improvement methodologies.
  • Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail for assessing compliance and process effectiveness.
  • Effective communication skills for conveying complex governance concepts to diverse stakeholders.
  • Leadership abilities with experience in leading cross-functional teams and driving change initiatives.
  • Problem-solving skills to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions.
  • Knowledge of risk management practices and tools.
  • Adaptability to changing regulatory environments and evolving business needs.
  • Knowledge of the oil and gas industry’s operational processes and governance challenges is a plus.