Senior Base Support Specialist

Role Overview 

As a Senior Base Support Specialist,  you will be responsible for: 

• Extracting information from machinery in each business unit to plan preventive maintenance and repairs of existing machinery and equipment.
• Visiting and monitoring the maintenance status, performing corrective repairs on facilities, premises, and company buildings, and maintaining the proper condition of the buildings.
• Planning and organizing personnel and equipment services to provide hospitality, receptions, internal services, catering, and other services to managers dispatched to the island.
• Planning and providing general services of water treatment plants and distributing consumables to accommodate employees.
• Keeping asset records and assets up to date for accurate registration in the asset collection system.
• Updating reports, information, and statistics of business machinery, inventory, readiness, in-service, under-repair, and monitoring and controlling the appearance and cleanliness of vehicles.
• Completing documentation and registering requisitions, matters related to requests, purchase orders, and base item receipts in the IFS system.
• Implementing maintenance and repair programs for machinery based on reports received from businesses to prevent unplanned shutdowns and reduce maintenance and repair costs and machine downtime.
• Forming and updating a database of suppliers to create inquiry, procurement, and optimal purchasing capabilities.
• Identifying missing items for reporting and preparing and presenting documents to the base manager for submission to the Lost Goods Identification Commission for decision-making.
• Entering data related to consumables such as oil and gasoline, periodic service and repair costs, and preparing a machinery database.
• Following up on social insurance matters (obtaining clearance, registration, and issuing permits for economic activities and commercial cards, water, and electricity, urban planning, etc., for group companies).

Candidate Requirements 

Gender: Male
Location: Ahwaz, Khuzestan
Minimum 3 years of work experience
Negotiable salary
Requires occasional business travel
All fields of study (minimum bachelor’s degree)
Familiarity with the English language