Drilling Optimization Specialist

Role Overview
  • Preparation and organization of technical documents for participation in relevant tenders, technical support for drills used in various fields, assistance in running Whipstock operations
  • communication with various clients to follow up on potential needs and familiarity with the mentioned customer market, presence in the warehouse and assistance in maintenance, receiving and sending goods.
  • Participation in well operations for drill running as needed and as an assistant for running whipstock  
  • Communication with the client to obtain specialized well information for planning and preparing suitable whipstock  tools  tools 
  • Monitoring drill performance and preparing technical reports after completion of operations for presentation to the client.
  • Monitoring drill and whipstock  tools  performance and comparing with competitor products for performance analysis report preparation.
  • Continuous communication with the client’s operational and technical unit to be informed of potential client needs.
  • Preparation of technical proposals tailored to customer needs and company procurement capacity.
  • Inquiring about inventory status and production capacity of drill and whipstock  tools  manufacturer company.
  • Presence in the warehouse and assistance in maintenance, receiving, and sending goods.
Candidate Requirements 

Location: Khuzestan – Ahwaz
Experience: Minimum of 2 years in a relevant field
Availability: Flexibility for negotiation
Travel: Willingness to travel for job requirements
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Chemical Engineering
Understanding of drilling stages, components, and safety protocols
Knowledge of various drilling bit types, selection criteria, and report preparation
Proficiency in using drilling software such as Landmark, Well Scan, and hydraulic design tools
Familiarity with warehouse management principles and inventory control
Basic understanding of marketing principles
Proficiency in English, including speaking, writing, and comprehension
Competence in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
Understanding of the company’s technical products, customer base, quality standards, and business requirements
Familiarity with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, preferably IFS