Role Overview

Operating drilling equipment, identifying and assessing risks, managing drilling documentation and reports, and overseeing all activities on the drilling platform.
Providing drilling data in predetermined forms and completing the handover report forms at the end of each shift.
Performing all stages of drilling operations, ancillary services, and well completion while adhering to relevant technical and operational methods using machinery and drilling equipment according to planned schedules.
Inspecting all parts and equipment of the drilling platform, identifying deficiencies and unsafe conditions, and reporting corrective actions to the equipment manager for recording.
Coordinating with mud engineers in the relevant area to provide the necessary drilling mud types according to well conditions and the earth layers’ rotation speed in different stages of drilling operations.
Participating in specific, periodic, and daily repair operations of drilling equipment and other machinery, equipment, and related facilities in the drilling area.
Participating in all operations of setting up, deploying, and dismantling drilling equipment, machinery, engines, devices, and equipment using machinery while observing all relevant technical and safety procedures and guidelines.

Candidate Requirements 

  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Khuzestan – Ahvaz
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience
  • Requires business travel
  • Engineering technical degree (minimum bachelor’s)
  • Drilling Equipment: Operation, displacement, component recognition, and requirements.
  • Well Control: Certification, sufficient skills and experience, full mastery of well control equipment.
  • Well Control (IWCF): Familiarity with well control methods and associated risks.
  • Drilling Equipment Inspection Processes: Drilling equipment inspection processes.
  • Drilling Operations: Drilling operations, ancillary services, and safety conditions.
  • Drilling Operation Safety
  • Industrial Safety Principles: Full familiarity with HSE in industrial and oil environments.
  • Rig Safety Regulations: Observing safety matters when present at drilling locations.
  • English Language: Speaking and writing proficiency and comprehension.
  • First Aid and Medical Emergencies: Providing pre-hospital medical services and assistance.
  • Fire Extinguishing: Familiarity with fire extinguishing until firefighting forces arrive.
  • Microsoft Office: Using Microsoft Office suite software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook…).
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response: Identifying emergency conditions, readiness, response, and conducting maneuvers.
  • IFS: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
  • Survival and Safety at Sea and on Land