Rig Operation Manager


  • Lead and manage drilling operations for optimal efficiency, safety, and performance on the rig.
  • Oversee and coordinate the activities of drilling crews, including drillers, assistant drillers, and rig crew members.
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations, environmental standards, and company policies during rig operations.
  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate drilling activities, including wellbore construction, casing, cementing, and drilling fluid management.
  • Monitor drilling parameters, wellbore conditions, and equipment performance to make real-time operational decisions.
  • Collaborate with geologists, engineers, and other stakeholders to optimize drilling performance and well placement.
  • Manage equipment maintenance schedules, inventory, and procurement to ensure uninterrupted rig operations.
  • Analyze drilling performance data to identify opportunities for improvement and operational efficiency.
  • Provide training and development opportunities for rig crew members to enhance skills and safety awareness.
  • Prepare and review drilling reports, incident reports, and operational documentation.
  • Ensure cost control measures are in place and monitor expenses related to drilling operations.
  • Keep abreast of industry trends, new technologies, and best practices in drilling operations.


  • Bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, drilling engineering, or a related field. Master’s degree is a plus.
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in drilling operations, with at least 5 years in a leadership role.
  • In-depth knowledge of drilling practices, equipment, and technologies.
  • Strong understanding of safety regulations, environmental compliance, and industry standards.
  • Proven leadership and team management skills with the ability to motivate and inspire teams.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills in high-pressure situations.
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills to work with cross-functional teams.
  • Experience in managing budgets and controlling costs for drilling operations.
  • Proficiency in using drilling software, data analysis tools, and rig monitoring systems.
  • Willingness to travel to various rig sites and work in remote locations.
  • Relevant certifications such as IWCF, IADC, or other industry-specific certifications are preferred.