Senior Reservoir Specialist


  • Carry out reservoir engineering assessments, and dynamic simulation, and take part in the development of Oil and Gas fields, as well as looking for new exploration and production prospects.
  • Reservoir simulation (includes preparing and managing the quality of input data, initializing the model, matching the history and developing the basic model, designing development scenarios, and so on).
  • Carry out reservoir-related duties (such as temperature pressure analysis, production chart analysis, and so on).
  • Perform basic reservoir engineering studies (such as fluid analysis, rock analysis, material balance calculations, production analysis, and so on).
  • Conduct uncertainty analysis and risk identification in field development design and technical planning.
  • Participate in the lookout for new investment opportunities in the exploration and production fields.
  • Participate in the cost evaluation of new exploration and production investment opportunities.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, or Reservoir Engineering.
  • Five years of Oil and Gas work experience.
  • Familiarity with activities associated with exploitation operations and how to apply them in reservoir engineering and operations.
  • Understanding of petroleum project analysis, cost estimation, and valuation.
  • Ability to use modern software, construct, initialize, and validate the dynamic model, match the history, estimate reservoir behavior under alternative production scenarios, and analyze uncertainty.
  • Understanding the fundamental concepts of geophysics, petrophysics, petroleum geology, and drilling and how to apply them in reservoir engineering and operation activities.
  • Ability to design wells (investigating and identifying well targets, optimizing the well route, and preparing a data collection plan based on a comprehensive field/reservoir monitoring program), coring operations, pressure measurement, meshing, simulation, testing, production diagramming, and tank fluid sampling.
  • Familiarity with well eruption control procedures and the hazards they pose.