GIS Specialist

Role Overview

Daily updating of GIS spatial database according to the progress of project operational groups

Preparation of suitable output maps and required GIS analyses for the mapping unit and other operational groups

Designing source and receiver points considering the area’s topography and constraints in the GIS database, taking into account Offset Policy and Safety Distance

Providing access to Google Earth KMZ service for displaying required informational layers for operational groups within the Google Earth environment

Training personnel on identifying and recording constraints

Training all staff in the use of available information and GIS capabilities in appropriate analyses for their job category

Candidate Requirements

Gender: Male

Age: 25-35


Minimum 3 years of work experience

Requires business travel

GIS Cartography Engineering

Minimum Master’s degree

Minimum 3 years of geophysical work experience

Location of Activity: Operational project

Familiarity with general concepts of seismology and geophysics

Familiarity with basic concepts and principles of GIS

Proficiency in using ArcGIS Pro software features and creating necessary models

Ability to use collected data and appropriate analyses for each operational group

Proficiency in Office suite software

Proficiency in English language

Behavioral competencies: Planning and organizing / Follow-up until achieving results / Stress management / Time management, adaptability, and flexibility