Maintenance and Repair Specialist

Role Overview 

  • Developing preventive maintenance programs for equipment, monitoring, and continuously improving maintenance and repair programs
  • Establishing maintenance and repair systems in IFS, including defining Basic Data, defining equipment in the breakdown structure, and registering preventive maintenance plans by nature of activities
  • Creating and updating documents related to the maintenance and repair module in IFS
  • Investigating, analyzing, and assessing the deployment status of the IFS system and training maintenance and repair unit users
  • Planning and taking action to address identified non-conformities in internal and external audits effectively
  • Preparing comprehensive monthly and annual reports on repairs and consumable material costs
  • Recording, sending, and receiving preventive maintenance plans by operational units stationed at sites
  • Actively participating in developing, maintaining, implementing, and improving regulations, executive methods, and guidelines.
  • Monitoring the consumption of consumables and verifying compliance with the warehouse unit
  • Controlling daily reports of operational units structurally to facilitate the correct execution of work orders

Candidate Requirements 

Gender: Male
Location: Unspecified
Experience: Minimum 5 years of experience
Travel required
Mechanical Engineering / Industrial Engineering (Minimum Bachelor’s degree)
Place of Activity: Operational Projects
Familiarity with the operation and analysis of hydraulic and electrical machinery maps
Familiarity with off-road vehicles
Familiarity with diesel generator troubleshooting
Familiarity with maintenance and repair planning management systems
Familiarity with integrated resource management ERP systems
Proficiency in English
Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite
Behavioral Competencies: Communication and teamwork skills, responsibility, result-oriented, attention to detail, resource management
Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in maintenance and repair