Senior Production Operation Specialist

Role Overview

• Participating in operational engineering studies, contributing to the design, interpretation, and supervision of operational engineering activities (well testing, acidizing, artificial lift, production logging, etc.).
Among the most important tasks assigned to this position are:
• Participating in the preparation of tender documents and contracts related to operational engineering.
• Utilizing new technologies to improve well productivity and efficiency.
• Conducting engineering studies in relevant projects.
• Designing, modeling, and conducting acidizing operations.
• Supervising, designing, interpreting, and evaluating artificial lift methods such as ESP and Gas Lift to optimize production performance.
• Analyzing field performance and proposing cost reduction and production optimization plans and resources.
• Analyzing and interpreting well and field data and providing solutions and recommendations for optimizing well and field performance.
• Analyzing information using well modeling software such as PROPSER, PIPESIM, and OLGA.
• Designing, interpreting, and supervising production logging operations.
• Supervising the enhancement of technical knowledge and specialized competencies of young engineers in the operational engineering sector.
• On-site supervision and ensuring the implementation of high HSE standards.

Candidate Requirements 

• Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, Oil and Gas Mechanical Engineering, or Operational Engineering.
• Seven years of operational engineering experience.
• Familiarity with petroleum engineering knowledge and operational procedures.
• Knowledge of natural and artificial operational and engineering studies with Prosper software.
• Skill in interpreting well test results using Saphir software.
• Skill in interpreting and modeling acidizing.
• Skill in interpreting production logs.
• Knowledge of modern software for surface design.
• Skill in designing various operational processes using specialized software.
• Familiarity with wellhead control methods and associated risks.