Senior Reservoir Engineer

Role Overview

  • Carrying out all engineering activities and reservoir operations to increase value and reduce risk in the company’s assets (company-managed fields).
  • Use the principles and concepts of engineering and operations of reservoirs in cooperation with other departments to prepare a roadmap for the optimal implementation of operational and development plans and monitoring and optimization of production from wells and fields.
  • Carry out activities related to basic reservoir engineering studies and reservoir simulation, review, analyze and feasibility of various reservoir management strategies, wells and ground-level facilities, various IOR/EOR methods and identify relevant optimal roadmaps.
  • Collaborate with multi-purpose teams to carry out the process of building, initiating and validating reservoir simulator models using conventional software in the oil industry and use them to examine and predict field performance under various production options and select optimal production scenarios from the field based on the status/limitations of reservoirs, wells and ground-level facilities.
  • Prepare interpretive reports of all services related to reservoir engineering and operations and continuously update integrated basic reservoir engineering studies and related simulation models based on integrated interpretation of technical data obtained from new assessment/production wells.
  • Identify and analyze uncertainties and risks of reservoir engineering studies, simulation models, field development plans, and technical review and analysis of relevant uncertainties and risks in collaboration with internal and external partners.

Candidate Requirements 

  • At least 10 years of experience in various tank studies and operations projects.
  • Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, or Tanks Engineering.
  • Knowledge of Tank fluid analysis, tank rock analysis, determination of the initial conditions of the tank, well testing analysis, well and tank performance analysis, material balance studies, construction, initiation and validation of the dynamic model, history matching, prediction of tank behavior under various production scenarios and uncertainty analysis.
  • Knowledge of tank operation (well design, brainstorming operations, pressure measurement test, etc.).
  • Familiarity with Geophysics, petrophysics, petroleum geology, and drilling).
  • Familiarity with basic concepts of engineering and operation operations and how to apply them to activities related to engineering and tank operations.