Head of Planning


  • Observe the quality system, rules, and regulations, as well as the company’s internal and administrative regulations, as well as attempts to continuously improve systems and methods.
  • Prepare status reports and financial statements, including the project’s monthly performance statement, based on supplied reports, and get employer approval.
  • Monitor and report on authorized project plans, timelines, resource schedules, production schedules, risks, and other factors.
  • Track and assign program deviations, and ensure that the change management process is followed.
  • Participate in internal and external audits and seek remedial and preventive measures.
  • Participate in the achievement of safety, health, and environmental goals, as well as the establishment and maintenance of the HSE system.
  • Design project databases based on the project’s requirements (daily, monthly, weekly report forms, status reports, permits, and others and obtaining the approval of the employer).
  • Prepare and submit required reports, such as earned value, performance analysis reports, monthly employer reports, and weekly analysis reports of operational groups, in accordance with the project plan.
  • Hold project control meetings and produce minutes for their loading into the Doc man module.
  • Human resources management of project teams in terms of analyzing recruiting requests and determining the number of awards for groups and individuals, as well as uploading to the Doc man module.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering.
  • Some years of experience in Industrial Management.
  • Proficient in PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge, and Professional Project Management).
  • Proficiency in using Primavera software.
  • Expertise in specific project planning and control processes and instructions, as well as IMS implementation and application, as well as necessary knowledge and skills in ERP.
  • Proficient in MS Project (Project Control Software).
  • Good knowledge of project control procedures and methods (procedures and regulations for the planning and control of upstream and EPC projects in the Oil and gas industry).
  • Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Fluent (technical writing and verbal communication) in English.