Senior Coiled Tubing and Nitrogen Operator

Role Overview

  • Operating and repairing mobile coiled tubing and conducting related operations feasible on both dryland and offshore.
  • Operating and repairing nitrogen pumps and conducting related operations on both dryland and offshore.
  • Providing guidance on the operation of coiled tubing and nitrogen injection equipment and conducting initial repairs of equipment to supervised personnel, while monitoring their performance.
  • Preparation and organization of periodic (daily, weekly, monthly) operation tickets and reports related to activities performed before, during, and after each operation.
  • Operating, maintaining, cleaning, and preparing all equipment related to pre, during, and post-operation, while supervising the team’s performance.
  • Controlling, adjusting, and periodically inventorying materials and spare parts for operational control and recording in IFS.
  • Controlling, preparing, and completing handover forms, presenting them to replacement colleagues, and sending them to operations managers.
  • Controlling and fully implementing Rig Up and Rig Down operations under supervision and in accordance with the company’s guidelines.


Candidate Requirements 

  • Calculation of coiled tubing and nitrogen.
  • Quadrennial safety for maritime license renewal.
  • Operating and using various pumps such as Triplex, HT 400, and Batch Mixer.
  • Wellhead control.
  • Maintenance and repair processes with a preventive approach and cost reduction.
  • Familiarity with survival at sea, helicopter ditching at sea, and facing H2S.
  • Full knowledge of HSE in industrial and oil environments.
  • Survival and safety in both maritime and dryland environments.
  • Chemical safety/firefighting safety/drilling operation safety.
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Khuzestan – Ahwaz
  • Minimum 6 years of work experience
  • Requires business travel
  • Petroleum Engineering (minimum bachelor’s degree)