Senior Procurement Specialist

Role Overview

  • Coordinating between domestic and foreign companies in commercial affairs, including contract and invoice preparation, procurement of any equipment, and other logistical coordination in the field of Oil and petroleum products, Gas, petrochemicals, and tankers.
  • Collecting, archiving, and updating information related to domestic and foreign companies in the field of energy trade.
  • Examining the necessary conditions for obtaining certificates and necessary approvals from foreign suppliers.
  • Managing and controlling incoming requests from domestic companies based on the standards of foreign companies.
  • Prioritizing and reviewing for the introduction and establishment of communication between domestic and foreign companies.
  • Coordinating and maintaining full communication with the stakeholders involved in energy trade transactions in foreign-affiliated companies.
  • Following up on contract negotiations and preparing transaction invoices between domestic and foreign companies.
  • Preparing reports on transaction details.
  • Coordinating and monitoring all logistical matters related to cargo transportation from loading to unloading and delivery.
  • Tracking the payment process for transaction expenses.

Candidate Requirements 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Management.
  • At least five years of experience in trade with a focus on petroleum and gas products.
  • Good knowledge of the energy and petrochemical market (Downstream and refining knowledge of oil and petrochemicals).
  • Good knowledge of the shipping industry field (Understanding market, leasing, operations, and legal issues of shipping).
  • Familiarity with data analysis (collecting, refining, organizing, and analyzing basic market data).
  • Familiarity with financial modeling (Financial modeling expertise and cash flow forecasting).
  • Familiarity with market analysis (drilling market, market share of industry players, and stakeholder engagement in the upstream oil and gas sector)