Oil Processing Manager


  • Defines Oil processing and transportation operations strategy, including improvement issues.
  • Ensures that the field operates and complies with HSE rules and regulations of IRI as well as the ZNV/KNGP HSE IMS.
  • Controls over technological processes of Oil preparation and transportation.
  • Identifies the root causes of deviations and works out activities for their elimination.
  • Controls and ensure timely order of necessary reagents, equipment, spare parts, transportation, and other necessary materials for work and issuing appropriate WSR.
  • Manages facilities maintenance and timely repair of the equipment to ensure no loss of production due to failure of equipment.
  • Ensures smooth execution of production plans, and takes preventive measures to avoid and eliminate violations in the production process.
  • Supervises transport of crude Oil, verifies transported volumes, and approves documents. Ensures efficient use of transportation pipelines.
  • Participates in the commissioning of work performed by contractors, service organizations, and personnel of the installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment and technical devices.
  • Controls the implementation of approved technological regimes and regulations of technological installations.
  • Provides audits and inspections including leadership safety audits.
  • Prepares and provides statistical, managerial, and other required reports.
  • Performs any related tasks as assigned.


  • Higher professional education in development and operations of Oil and Gas fields, and Oil treatment.
  • Ten years of experience including seven years in senior positions or in Oil preparation and transportation.
  • English at least upper-intermediate.
  • H2S awareness, basic and advanced first aid, electrical safety rules, work at height, firefighting, 5S system, IRI HSE regulations, ZNV/KNGP HSE IMS requirements.

Employment Type: Full Time