Sohrab Project

Exploration and Production

The Sohrab Project, a remarkable collaboration between Dana Energy and the National Iranian Oil Company, aims to unlock the vast potential of the newly discovered Sohrab oilfield while prioritizing environmental preservation and sustainability. This 20-year venture in Iran’s Khuzestan province seeks to produce 160 million barrels of oil while prioritizing community engagement and sustainability measures in order to minimize the impact on the Hoor-al-Azim wetland — an internationally recognized protected area. 

  • Location: Ahwaz, Khuzestan
  • Start Date: September 2020
  • End Date: September 2040

Located in Iran’s southwestern province of Khuzestan, northwest of the city of Ahwaz, and stretching towards the environmentally protected Hoor-al-Azim wetland, the Sohrab shared oilfield straddles the Iran-Iraq border. This newly-discovered oilfield is situated adjacent to the Mehr block in the north, the Azadegan oilfield in the south, and Band Karkheh, Susangerd, Sepehr, and Jofair to the southeast. Within its boundaries, the Sarvak, Ilam, Kazhdumi, and Gadvan formations are found, estimated to hold approximately two billion barrels of oil.

In a significant milestone in September 2020, Dana Energy and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) forged a momentous, 20-year, 800 million USD development and production operations service contract. This ground-breaking project, executed within the framework of the new Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC) is poised to unlock the immense potential of the Sohrab field. The comprehensive scope of the Project encompasses engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning works for surface facilities, as well as crucial sub-surface studies, drilling, and workover operations.

The ambitious target for cumulative production from the Project is set at 160 million barrels of crude oil with a plateau rate of 30,000 barrels per day (bbl/d). To accomplish this, Dana Energy has meticulously planned the drilling of 20 new wells, consisting of two appraisal and 18 development wells. The Project also includes the preparation of two existing wells for production, alongside the development of essential surface infrastructure such as wellhead facilities, flowlines, pump station, export pipelines to West Karoun Production Unit (WKPU), and metering and separation units. Concurrent production from the wells during the development phase will further enhance the Project’s efficiency and output.

Recognizing the paramount importance of the Hoor-al-Azim wetland, which is an internationally recognized environmentally-protected area, Dana Energy has gone above and beyond to mitigate the environmental impacts of the Project right from the outset, in accordance with its steadfast dedication to preserving this delicate ecosystem. Prior to the commencement of the Project, an extensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study was conducted by Dana Energy to comprehensively assess the potential environmental effects and to ensure minimal disruption to the Wetland’s ecosystem.

Dana Energy has implemented various measures to exemplify its commitment to the protection of environment and sustainability. Employing state-of-the-art Directional Drilling technologies, we have carefully chosen to position new wells along the Wetland’s margin instead of within the Wetland itself. Furthermore, we have made a conscientious decision to refrain from constructing main and subsidiary processing units within the protected area, thus safeguarding the Wetland’s environment.

Additionally, we have avoided the construction of associated gas flares within the wetland, ensuring that the air quality of area remains untainted. We have also installed multiphase crude oil transfer pumps and meticulously erected pump stations outside the boundaries of the protected area. Similarly, our oil transfer pipes have been thoughtfully installed outside the environmentally-protected region of the Wetland. These deliberate choices reflect Dana Energy’s efforts to preserve the integrity of the Hoor-al-Azim wetland while achieving the Project’s objectives.

Sohrab Project, beyond its significant contributions to the Iranian oil industry, plays a vital role in the empowerment of local communities by generating extensive job opportunities for the local population. In addition, it serves as a testament to our commitment to preserve and protect the Iranian natural resources and environment.

We recognize that actions taken today, shape the world of tomorrow, and we take immense pride in deploying cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly technologies that align with our core values and corporate social responsibility. It is our utmost honor to be at the forefront of sustainable practices in the industry, and to spearhead the transformative endeavor of development of Sohrab oilfield, as we strive to ensure its sustainable growth for generations to come.

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