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Geophysical Services of Dana Energy is a leading solution provider business unit in our company with excellent experience in domestic and overseas projects. We benefit from proficient personnel and skilled graduates, modern and updated hardware, equipment, and software, as well as a knowledge-supported management plan. This enables us to offer a comprehensive range of geophysical services including seismic and non-seismic (Magnetic and Gravity) data acquisition, data processing, data interpretation, and reservoir characterization.

Seismic Services

We offer specialized, cost-effective 2D & 3D land, mountain, transition zone and shallow water seismic data acquisition through the application of cutting-edge design, acquisition and on-site processing techniques.

With our team of highly skilled and accomplished professionals, combined with modern hardware and software facilities, we are fully equipped to run a vast array of processing routines and advanced techniques. These techniques include isotropic and anisotropic PreSTM/PreSDM (2D/3D), AVO Compliant/Best Image Processing (2D/3D), multi-component processing, VSP, P&S data processing, high-resolution processing (2D/3D), pre-stack and post-stack seismic data conditioning (2D/3D), seismic survey design, illumination study, and forward modeling. Additionally, we offer tape transcription services.

Our outstanding geophysicist teams interpret the processed seismic data and integrate other geoscientific information to make assessments for oil and gas reservoirs exploration and development. The range of services we offer in this domain is extensive and includes seismic structural and stratigraphy interpretation and analysis, velocity model building and domain conversion, subsurface uncertainty analysis, rock physics modeling, pre- and post-stack inversions and AVO/AVAZ analysis, attribute study and geo-body detection, reservoir properties estimation and seismic facies analysis, geohazards study, pore pressure prediction, reservoir static modeling, volume calculation, and uncertainty analysis.

Our track record of completed projects demonstrates that by employing project management best practices, we are able to complete challenging projects ahead of time, on budget, and with high quality.

Non-Seismic Services

Geophysical Services at Dana Energy offering the full-spectrum of non-seismic and joint solutions from survey design, data acquisition, data processing and geological interpretation. we maintain and operate the largest non-seismic equipment fleet including but not limited to gravimeters, magnetometers, passive seismic sensors, and more. In addition, our highly trained non-seismic team employs various state-of-the-art software (both inhouse and commercial) which enables us to meet our clients’ needs proficiently and with the highest quality. Thus far, the Geophysical Services has successfully completed several gravity/magnetic projects in the field of oil & gas exploration.

Research and Development

Exploration Geophysics as a dynamic industry requires deep domain technical and operational understanding to create products and services that move it forward. By creating venues for high-level technical discussions and exploring new ideas, our aim in R&D department is to craft customized workflows, find novel approaches and create products for enhanced services. To accomplish this mission, our strategy mainly relies on generation of novel ideas and R&D portfolio management. This ensures the selection of appropriate bucket of projects which are fully aligned with the business strategy, market potential and trend of technology. We leverage the advanced equipment and computational power of our Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation departments along with deep knowledge of our experienced team to conduct basic and applied research. Furthermore, we are a licensed knowledge-based company and a member of the Science and Technology Park of University of Tehran. In addition to the research and development plans for in-house requirements, we have also been awarded several research projects from different NIOC subsidiaries. So far, we have developed several products including in-house software and packages to enhance the efficiency and reliability of our services.