South Pars Drilling Project (Phases 15 & 16)

Drilling Operations

The South Pars Phases 15 and 16 drilling project exemplifies Dana Energy’s dedication to excellence and innovation. Even in the face of unforeseen challenges, including sanctions, we upheld our commitment to operational excellence, ensuring the successful execution of complex drilling operations for the benefit of our valued client.

  • Location Persian Gulf
  • Start Date 2008
  • End Date 2016

The South Pars drilling project for phases 15 and 16 represented a pivotal undertaking within Dana Energy’s broader portfolio of South Pars Megaprojects. Our collaboration began with the signing of an EPD contract between Dana Energy and Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC). The official commencement of this project dates back to 2008, initiating with preparations for procurement and subsequent drilling operations that took place in February 2010.

In Phase 15, the PN3 rig was initially deployed, followed by the deployment of the Cosl Strike rig in Phase 16. Despite PN3’s satisfactory performance, it was regrettably withdrawn from Iranian waters due to sanctions. Nonetheless, in Phase 15, we successfully completed the drilling of 7 wellbores and achieved a 50% progress in the remaining 4 wellbores by February 2012. Meanwhile, in Phase 16, operations continued with the Cosl Strike rig, leading to the drilling and completion of 11 wellbores by June 2013.

In response to the client’s request and the incomplete drilling of 4 wells in Phase 15, we initiated perforation and cleaning operations for both Phase 15 and 16. These operations were executed seamlessly with the utilization of two rigs, Sina 1 and Karon 1, resulting in the successful perforation and cleaning of 18 wells, ready for client exploitation and production. Subsequently, with the installation of Top Side production platforms, gas production, and gas condensates from the 18 completed wellbores in these phases commenced in November 2014.

As part of our commitment to optimizing production, Dana Energy transferred the Cosl Strike rig to Phase 15. Here, we carried out simultaneous operations (SIMOPs), completing drilling, well completion, perforation, and cleaning operations for the remaining 4 wells by April 2016, swiftly transitioning them to the production phase.

Responding to the client’s needs and in our pursuit of enhanced production capabilities, we conducted extensive acidizing operations within various timeframes, pioneering rig-less operations in the process. Moreover, during a critical phase, we achieved a global milestone, becoming the world’s first company to successfully execute Triple Operations (TRIOPS) in Phase 15. This multifaceted endeavor included simultaneous drilling operations in one well and extensive acid stimulation operations with an acid ship in another well, all while maintaining the production of 6 wellbores. Importantly, this achievement adhered thoroughly to safety protocols, concluding without any incidents, and expediting the transition of the respective wells into the production phase.

In alignment with our commitment to excellence and innovation, this project stands as a testament to our capabilities and dedication to advancing complex drilling operations.

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